About Us

About Us

We started as a marketing agency, so we know where you’re coming from!

A few years ago, a client asked us to build a very simple online tool for their dealers to customize ads banners and postcards.

WOW! Within 60 days, those 400 dealers created almost 2,500 different marketing pieces! A follow-up customer survey showed that virtually all the dealers adopted the software immediately, and it had an instant impact on boosting sales efforts.

After we picked our jaws up off the floor, we immediately founded Iterro to bring MarketingBox to more businesses. We built a brand new platform, added on mass email campaigns, list management, reporting, funding, automation... the list never ends!


Iterro headquarters is located in sunny (and often snowy) Toronto, Canada, with a world-wide team across Canada, the United States, Australia and Russia, making our virtual staff meetings sound like the United Nations of Awesome.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of software engineers, marketing experts, and channel partners, all passionate about solving marketing problems and laser-focused on making our clients’ lives easier. So far, they seem pretty happy!

Alek Mirkovich – President and Serial Idea Guy

Long ago, Alek was the Principle for DNA Brand Design for almost 12 years. Since then, he’s served as Vice-President of Design and President for a handful of companies, being drawn onward and upward by always improving creative and marketing processes, before founding Iterro in 2010. Find him on LinkedIn.

Nick Cinger – Lead Software Engineer

Nick is the force behind all of our software development. He leads our QA and development team with ambitious goals and continues to evolve our software and make it powerful while being deceptively simple and easy to use.

Our Clients

The challenges of marketing resource management are universal, and we get the best insight by working with a wide variety of clients, including mid-enterprise level private and public corporations, marketing agencies and franchise organizations, across all industries and market segments.

Our Vision

We just want to keep getting better – solving problems, making more powerful and easy-to-use marketing tools, and watching our clients succeed over and over. Iterro is a small company, but we’re mighty! We have great one-on-one relationships with all our clients, giving us the insight and motivation to continuously improve MarketingBox. On average, we introduce new features and improvements every single month, and they’re always inspired by our fantastic clients.


We’re always going to be producing great marketing tools and proving how quick, easy, and cost-effective it can be to manage multiple partners and maintain brand-perfect local messaging.

Contact us and test drive the demo today and see for yourself.