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MarketingBox is an easy-to-use web-based marketing resource management tool for Marketing Executives and Teams to quickly distribute brand-perfect content to partners across all advertising channels. MarketingBox comes with built-in direct mail and email delivery, web-to-print, and engagement tracking functions, in a re-brandable interface. MarketingBox is supported with extensive online and offline documentation and training.

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What does MarketingBox do?

MarketingBox gives you the power to manage your brand easily and consistently across all platforms, with an unlimited number of partners.

MarketingBox provides a single portal for managing both offline and online marketing content, allowing corporate teams to upload professional, message-approved templates and content, then deploy with the click of a button to partners, affiliates, and subsidiaries for customized local marketing efforts.

MarketingBox ensures the highest possible ROI by allowing corporate teams to focus on messaging and campaign strategy, while engaging partners at the execution level. With the option to share or defer printing and delivery costs to partners, there is less waste, greater attention to campaign management, and lower overhead costs.

What platforms does MarketingBox work on?

MarketingBox allows you to publish brand-perfect customized materials for all online and offline channels, including:

Ads Newspaper Ads Business Cards
eNewsletters Booklets Letterhead
HTML Emails Brochures / Flyers Stationary
Email Signatures Direct Mail / Postcards Labels
Automated Emails Signage Forms / NCR
Contact Forms Posters Envelopes
Banners Tear Cards CD Sleeves
Buttons Tickets Calendars

Who uses MarketingBox?

Whether you’re a single marketing team looking to accelerate your time-to-market and take advantage of last minute advertising opportunities, or you’re a multi-discipline marketing group with multiple partners around the world, MarketingBox gives you all the tools you need to create brand-perfect campaigns in minutes.

MarketingBox is ideal for:

Advertising Agencies Restaurants Telecom Vendors
Not-for-Profits Software Developer Professional Service
Franchisers Dealers Trade Organizations
Insurance Groups Retailer Manufacturer

What are the key benefits of MarketingBox?

Easy Brand Management

Create brand-perfect corporate templates and give your partners and affiliates the flexibility to insert local contact details, promos, pricing or headlines at the touch of a button. You control the brand, they deliver the message.

Time And Cost Saving

Create 100 local ads from 1 template in minutes. Accelerate time-to-market and approval cycles internally, and save thousands in partner management and printing costs by centralizing marketing operations and offering self-serve access to approved materials. Iterro’s auction-style printing partnerships ensure the highest quality printing at the lowest cost, saving partners an average of 30% vs local print shops.

Works On Every Channel

MarketingBox works for every online and offline channel. Use MarketingBox for email marketing, direct mailing, newspaper ads, brochures, newsletters, and so much more! Keep the brand and campaign consistent across all platforms, easily and inexpensively, with streamlined marketing resource management.

Get The Most From Your Marketing Team

Allow your corporate marketing resources to focus on the critical work of design and campaign management, while deferring execution and printing to partners and affiliates.

Be Agile, Save Money

Pounce on last-minute and discount advertising opportunities by having brand-perfect marketing materials ready to go at a moment’s notice. The built-in streamlined approval system let you create customized ads quickly, so you can respond to opportunities in minutes instead of weeks.

Comprehensive Campaign Management

Build comprehensive campaigns across all channels with all partners, and use the built-in calendar and scheduling to build campaigns weeks and months out. With easy funding at the campaign, partner or channel level, budgeting is a snap, and built-in reporting and tracking lets you prove ROI almost immediately.

Brand Security And Accessibility

MarketingBox allows you to centralize your marketing materials in a single, secure portal while providing web-based accessibility to approved team members from any computer, anywhere in the world.

A Green Solution

MarketingBox’s “print-what-you-need” methodology reduces waste, and shortened deployment timelines ensure that in-demand materials can be delivered just in time.

What are the key MarketingBox features?


Send your marketing material with a click of a button & save 30% or more

Email Marketing

Manage & message consistently with built-in contact management & email delivery

Direct Mailing

Create addressed & unaddressed admail & send to post with a click of a button

Corporate Branding

Add your company logo & banner to the interface, making our tools feel like your tools


Use the built-in feature to automate group email or direct mail for future runs

Call Tracking

Know where your online and offline leads come from with unique toll-free numbers

POS Integration

Integrate with any POS system and add unique triggers or auto subscriptions

Easy Funding

Assign funds to optimize partner engagement. Track spending with approvals

Tracking And Reporting

Know what templates and campaigns are customized & who is using it best

Iterro Support


MarketingBox support is available in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Punjabi... and we’re working on Klingon.


Iterro provides you with Live Chat Support Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST or visit the Help Section for instant solutions for common problems.


Access the Iterro support team Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST email us your problem and get fast, effective answers in under 24 hours, guaranteed.