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PrintBox is a free, easy-to-use, web-based print management tool for organizations to quickly and cost effectively print materials.

PrintBox connects organizations and their partners with a network of printers across North America, bidding on virtually any print job for the lowest possible cost. PrintBox comes with a built-in profit sharing model, creating a revenue stream for organizations by allowing partners to order print materials online with the click of a button.

PrintBox is a brandable solution for your organization, fully supported with resources and campaign launch support, making it easy for your partners to adopt. Built-in reporting and tracking allow you full transparency on materials printed and partner usage, while the web-based solution is both hardware/software free and secure.

What does PrintBox do?

PrintBox gives you and your partners the power to easily access a network of print companies, bidding on your work for virtually any kind of print material. PrintBox is a no-cost solution for your organiza-tion, with a built-in profit sharing model which allows partners to print your approved materials, or upload their own pieces and send to print with the click of a button.

What materials does PrintBox work with?

PrintBox allows you to easily and cost effectively print virtually every kind of material, including:

Annual reports Forms Paper
Banners Free standing inserts Pads
Booklets Greeting Cards Plastic cards
Books Inserts POD/Digital
Business cards Labels POP/POS signage
Calendars Large Format Postcards
CD Sleeves Letterhead Posters
Commercial printing Magazines Publications
Coupons Magnets Statements
Decals Manuals Stationery
Envelopes Maps Tear Cards
Flyers Newsletters Tent Cards
Folders Packaging Tickets

Who uses PrintBox?

Whether you’re a marketing team seeking an easy and cost-effective print solution, or you’re a large multi-discipline organization looking for a low-cost and easy-to-use print tool for partners, PrintBox gives you a free web-based print management tool for all materials.

PrintBox is ideal for:

Agriculture Health Care Publishing
Advertising Homebuilders Professional Services
Apparel Hospitality Real Estate
Broadcasting and Cable Insurance Retail
Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing Transportation
Games Marketing Telecom
Grocery Non-profits Utilities

What are the key benefits of PrintBox?

No Cost, Just Revenue

PrintBox’s web-based platform requires no hardware or software, and the system is free to use. The built-in profit sharing model creates a stream of revenue from partners using the system for their printing needs, while you benefit from the lowest possible print costs through the PrintBox network of printers across North America.

Works For All Printed Material

PrintBox supports more than 60 print product categories, from business cards to marketing materials to product packaging.

Lowest Possible Printing Costs

PrintBox works with a network of high-quality printers across North America, instantly submitting print jobs for quoting to multiple vendors at once, and returning to you the best possible price for your print job. This aggressive bidding system allows PrintBox to secure the best possible price in the industry.


PrintBox offers a white-label solution for your business, allowing you to customize the front end to your company’s logo so our tool becomes your tool.

Easy Partner Adoption

PrintBox’s web-based interface is easy to use and simple to learn. Iterro supports you and your partners with a full menu of training and informational resources, including video tutorials and help documentation.

Comprehensive Print Management

Easily manage your print materials from a single interface and allow multiple partners access. Built-in reporting and tracking keeps you informed on how the tool is being used and what materials are being distributed by which partners. Allow partners to upload and print their own material on the fly.

Consistent Low Pricing

PrintBox gets you the best prices on print materials, and ensures that all your partners receive the same low prices, without having to negotiate individual print contracts by partner or department.

Security And Accessibility

PrintBox allows you to centralize your printing needs in a single, secure portal while providing web-based accessibility to approved team members from any computer, anywhere in the world.

A Green Solution

PrintBox’s “print-what-you-need” methodology reduces waste, and shortened deployment timelines ensure that in-demand materials can be delivered just in time.

What are the key PrintBox features?


Highest quality & lowest cost printing all with the click of a button

Real-Time Quotes

Instantly submit specs & see the best price available from our printer network


With administrative & reporting tools, measure & analyze partner activity

Shipment Tracking

Know exactly where your order is with shipping notices & tracking numbers

Corporate Branding

Add your company logo & banner to the interface, making our tools feel like your tools

Tech-Free Implementation

Have access from any computer, there’s no software or hardware to maintain